Lazada Birthday Blogger Contest: Win Vouchers for You and Your Friends!

Yeaa..ada lagi contest dari Lazada.Info seperti dibawah....

Join Lazada Malaysia, Southeast Asia’s number one online shopping and selling destination in celebrating its 6th anniversary with the Birthday Festival sale (! From 25 to 27 April, enjoy more than 1,000 flash deals, up to 90% off a wide assortment of brands and products, app exclusive vouchers and many more surprises!

On this occasion, we are pleased to share with you our special Lazada Birthday Festival Blogger Contest where we will be awarding prizes to up to 65 bloggers and their friends! 

How to Join?

1. To take part in this contest, become our birthday party planner and imagine Lazada's 6th Birthday Party! Answer to all the questions specified below and write in your post: 

 a. Which location would you pick for Lazada's birthday party?
 b. Choose a party theme and pick one or several products on Lazada to decorate the venue.
 c. Which birthday cake will be served and which products on Lazada can help you prepare it? 
 d. Time to shine, pick your outfit on Lazada! 

2. You need to mention the Birthday Festival sale ( that will take place from 25 to 27 April 2018. 

3. The article must contain screenshots of the products mentioned in points 1.b, 1.c and 1.d. 

4. What is a party without guests? Share your post on Facebook and/or Instagram and tag 3 loved ones that you want to invite to your party!

5. Your blog must contain 3 existing posts.

6. Submit the link to your article and social shares via e-mail to with the subject titled: Lazada Birthday Festival Blogger Contest. 

7. You are welcomed to post the article in any language. 

Prizes – More Participants, More Winners!

Winners will receive a voucher along with three more vouchers for the three friends tagged on Facebook or Instagram!

Depending on the overall number of participants there will be either 22, 43 or 65 winners: 

More than 100 Participants (RM3,100 to 22 winners and their friends):

 1st Prize: 1 x RM300 + RM100 for each friend
 2nd Prize: 8 x RM60 + RM30 for each friend 
 3rd Prize: 13 x RM40 + RM20 for each friend 

More than 200 Participants (RM6,200 to 43 winners and their friends):

 1st Prize: 1 x RM500 + RM200 for each friend
 2nd Prize: 18 x RM60 + RM30 for each friend
 3rd Prize: 24 x RM40 + RM20 for each friend 

More than 300 Participants (RM9,200 to 65 winners and their friends):

 1st Prize: 1 x RM700 + RM300 for each friend
 2nd Prize: 24 x RM60 + RM30 for each friend
 3rd Prize: 40 x RM40 + RM20 for each friend

The Lazada Birthday Festival banner is attached to this email, feel free to use it in your post 😊 

The Birthday Festival Blogger Contest will run from 10 to 27 April 2018. Invite your blogger friends to join this contest, so you will increase your chances of winning! 

Let's get the party started!

P/S:Berbaloi ke???hehe


  1. Rasa mau join tapiii...tak pernah menang ni..makin banyak pula kena buat ni..dulu buat entri ja, sekarang perlu post d fb, instagram..promosi percuma ni kalau tak menang hehe

    1. Kan Elih..macam malas mo join..dah entri panjang berjela kena buat...hehe..lepastu x menang...

  2. singgah sini, rasa macam nak join plakk ..all the best to you

    1. Hehe...ada mood baru join..malas nak taip entri panjang2 lagi nie..

  3. All the best !! Kita pun dapat jugak

  4. Samalah tak tahu lagi nak join ke tak join huhuhuhu...

  5. I can't wait for this sale. Because every sale of Lazada comes with the great offers. It makes my shopping so cheaper. Thanks, Lazada.

    Subhu | Lazada Voucher


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