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June 14, 2011

Facebook smileys - chat emotions

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A lot of you have probably used MSN Messenger before Facebook chat and so will be familiar with the smiley emotion faces that you can use.
Well some of you may also know that Facebook chat has similar smileys, but do you know them all?
Here's a list to get you started:
  • Facebook smile emotion
    :) or :-)
    Facebook smile
  • Facebook grin emotion
    :D or :-D
    Facebook grin
  • Facebook wink emotion
    ;) or ;-)
    Facebook wink
  • Facebook happy eyes emotion
    Facebook happy eyes
  • Facebook laughing eyes emotion
    Facebook laughing eyes
  • Facebook cat smile emotion
    Facebook cat smile
  • Facebook grumpy emotion
    Facebook grumpy
  • Facebook sad emotion
    :( or :-(
    Facebook sad
  • Facebook crying emotion
    Facebook crying
  • Facebook shocked emotion
    :o or :-o
    Facebook shocked
  • Facebook glasses emotion
    8) or 8-) or B)
    Facebook glasses
  • Facebook cool shades emotion
    Facebook cool shades
  • Facebook tongue out emotion
    :p or :-p
    Facebook tongue face
  • Facebook woot emotion
    Facebook woot
  • Facebook closed eyes emotion
    Facebook closed eyes
  • Facebook worried emotion
    :/ or :
    Facebook worried
  • Facebook devil emotion
    Facebook devil
  • Facebook angel emotion
    Facebook angel
  • Facebook kiss emotion
    :-* or :*
    Facebook kiss
  • Facebook heart emotion
    Facebook heart
  • Facebook Pac Man emotion
    Facebook Pac Man
  • Facebook robot emotion
    Facebook robot
  • Facebook face emotion
    Facebook face
  • Facebook shark emotion (recently added thanks to Holly's comment below) - NEW!
    Facebook chat emotion - Shark
  • Facebook penguin emotion - NEW!

 chat emotion - Penguin
  • Facebook 42 emotion - NEW!

 chat emotion - 42
    The reason behind the 42 Facebook emotion is from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy where it says it's the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything".
If you want to give them all a go simply copy and paste this into a Facebook chat:
:) :D ;) ^_^ >:o :3 >:-( :( :'(
:o 8) 8-| :p O.o -_- :/ 3:)
O:) :-* <3 :v :|] :putnam:
Facebook Smileys
June 06, 2011

lama x tengok belog ku ni..

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sejak exam pai r praktikal xda masa langsung nak buka diari comel ku nie..huhu..tensen dgn praktikal..tekanan2 yang sentiasa berada di sisi ku..owh my tekanan2 korang segera lah berambus dari idupku nie..dah xterdaya dah angkut korang smua nak bwa ke mana2...please..please..lepaskan diriku dari di belengui oleh tekanan...
June 05, 2011

Think..think..and think...

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