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July 26, 2017

Tricks To Get Your Little Picky Eaters To Eat Their Greens

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Sneaking their green beans into the dog’s bowl, sneakily burying their peas under mashed potatoes or hiding Brussels Sprouts on the window ledge behind the curtain, leaving you wondering where that smell is coming from. The war between kids and a plate of peas is as old as time. Even diet experts go through the same torturous trials you and other parents face when struggling to get kids to eat their veggies. Just like your children, they are also ninja masters of the ancient and mysterious art of vegetable camouflage. 

If you are ready to win the veggie war then employ these sneaky and devious strategies for getting kids to eat their greens up. Here are 7 tricks for you to out-ninja them. 

1. Butter Em’ Up

There is a scientific explanation behind why most children despise green vegetables like kale and broccoli. Bitterness. Plants in the wild that are bitter to the tongue signify potential toxicity. The tongues of younglings are particularly sensitive to bitterness and that’s why kids are instinctively repulsed by bitter foods, unlike adults who are used to the taste and are aware that bitterness comes from the good-for-you nutrients like calcium, polyphenols and flavonoids, inside. Mask the bitterness with butter because everything tastes better with butter. Not only does the grass-fed variety in particular contain vitamins A, E and D3, which are essential for growing children, the added fat helps their little bodies absorb the vitamins from vegetables. Just add some salt and pepper, and voila! Even picky eaters would love this.


2. Wait Till They’re Hungry

Try waiting till they are really famished to serve up a pile of delicious veggies like carrots, celery, cucumbers and red peppers. It just might do the trick.

If you opt for fresh fruits instead, read more about the goodness of local fruits here: http://www.mommyfiqa.com/2012/10/khasiat-buah-buahan-tempatan.html 

3. Dips Do The Trick

Studies have found that kids are more likely to eat their veggies if they're served with dip. For instance if your child likes ranch dressing, you can serve it on the side. Typically, containing MSG and soybean oil, store-bought ranch dressings aren't quite the healthiest. You can easily make a homemade dip by simply mixing garlic powder, onion powder, dried dill, kosher salt, Worcestershire sauce, cayenne pepper, and fresh chives into a cup of plain Greek yogurt and it’s a perfectly healthy ranch-dressing alternative. 


4. Positive Peer Pressure 

Kids are, essentially, copycats. If one little lemming jumps into a puddle of mud, you can bet the rest of the gang will be in there before you can shout stop. So, tap the power of their conformist behavior and send your child to a friend’s or family’s home for dinner where the children eat their veggies. The peer pressure of watching other kids eat their greens just might encourage yours to at least try. 

5. Choice Words and A Two or One Deal

Kids absolutely love exerting power and control because it makes them feel like grown-ups. Try giving them their choice of vegetables by taking them to the grocery store and letting them help pick out the veggies. When kids choose what they are going to eat, they often don’t object when it’s on their plate. If that does not empower them enough, try this trick, during dinner, offer two colorful vegetable options and ask your kids if they want tomatoes or carrots or both. More often than not, they’ll want both when they feel like the decision is theirs. They'll always choose more of something when given the option, even the picky eaters. 

6. Mini Sous Chef

When your children are by your side, helping you make a delicious fruit and veggie smoothie or tossing Brussels sprouts in some butter, salt and pepper, they will be much more willing to eat them. Studies have shown that children who are involved in the preparation of foods, like vegetables, develop more positive attitudes and preference towards those foods. 


7. Smoothie Criminal

Sneaking some vegetables into a puree or smoothie may be the best secret to getting your children to covertly consume more. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that children from the ages of three to five nearly doubled their consumption of vegetables on days when they were served pureed vegetables instead of whole vegetables. Try blending half an avocado, a half-cup of spinach, half of a small banana, ¼ cup canned pumpkin and ½ cup of either almond milk or water for a nutrient-dense smoothie. For an added nutritional bonus, you can also blend in a liquid form of their daily vitamin supplements. Alternatively, products like Pediasure provide complete and balanced nutrition for children ages 1 to 10 years old with feeding concerns.  

July 26, 2017

REVIEW | Beli barang dari SGShop

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Entri kali ini cuma nak share apa yang fiqa beli dari SGShop tempoh hari.Sebenarnya tak sempat nak screenshot untuk tutorial,jadi share dari invois je r...huhu..Tapi nanti ada masa fiqa akan buat tutorial juga...1st time shopping beli kasut untuk suami dan baju untuk anak-anak..hehe.

Total untuk 4 barang ini ialah RM117.09.Jumlah ini yang perlu fiqa bayar.Ini bayaran yag pertama untuk harga domestik shipping. Bila dah sampai ke warehouse akan ada pembayaran kedua pula ialah untuk kos international shipping ke Malaysia  +  service cas dan clearance.

Bila barang-barang dah sampai ke warehouse dan bersedia untuk dihantar,bayaran kali kedua perlu dibuat.Pilihan penghantaran yang fiqa pilih ialah sea shipping.Jadi kos shipping fee service  fee clearance fee = RM42.83 

Total kesemua adalah RM159.92

Fiqa buat pembayaran 12/06/2017 dan sampai pada 10/07/2017.

Untuk kali kedua fiqa beli beg dan sandal untuk  pula hehehe.....

Total kedua barang ini ialah RM40.96

Macam yang tadi juga tapi kali ini cuma perlu bayar shipping fee dan clearance fee sahaja yang berjumlah RM18.98.Proses penghantaran pula fiqa masih guna sea shipping sebab itu je yang paling murah.

Total jumlah kesemua ialah RM59.94

Fiqa buat pembayaran 06/07/2017 dan sampai pada 24/07/2017.

Fuhhh..untuk shopping di SGShop sahaja fiqa dah berabis RM219.86.Nasiblah haritu menang voucher SGShop RM200,so tambah sikit je..hehe

Berbaloi ke shopping disini?Bolehlah dan kena pandai pilih barang juga sebab dekat sini banyak barang yang sama tapi dijual pada harga yang berbeza.Kena pandai cari harga yang murah.Lagi 1 kalau nak beli kena kumpul sekaligus kesemua barangan di warehouse baru harga shipping jadi murah..ni sebab fiqa beli asing-asing jadinya kos shipping pun asing-asing lah kan...hehehehe.

So,fiqa close up sikit barang-barang yang fiqa beli dari SGShop nie...hehe

Nanti fiqa share tutorial dan tips shopping di SGShop dan Perbezaan beli sendiri dari Taoboa.com,shopping di SGShop dan pengalaman join ahli shopping barang murah dari China.

July 26, 2017

Featured dalam Majalah MamaPapa & BabyTalk

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Ok saja nak bagitahu..review  fiqa dalam Laman web  www.100comments.com berkenaan  Stroller jenama COMBI telah di ambil dan dimasukkan dalam Majalah MamaPapa dan BabyTalk.Majalah nie sama je sebenarnya tapi MamaPapa versi melayu manakala BabyTalk versi English.

Best sangat tau stroller nie.Fiqa ada review dekat blog.Jemput baca sini:http://www.mommyfiqa.com/2017/06/stroller-review-combi-mechacal-handy.html

Selain daripada itu terdapat review rakan blogger yang ada sekali berkenaan Combi Fealetto Auto Swing pun ada.Nak tahu apa yang bestnya tentang produk ini boleh terjah Blog Entri Mereka:


Produk dari COMBI memang puas hati..

July 25, 2017

Top 10 Tips On Improving Kids Learning

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According to child development experts and neuroscientists, childhood is a critical time for the intellectual development of your son or daughter. This is the period where the brain develops the fastest. How you aid your child develop intellectually will affect them through adulthood. The first 10 years of a child’s life is what scientist often cite as the “window of opportunity.” Everything during this stage is essential to improving the “wiring” of a person’s brain, as these are the ages when the brain can form the most neural networks. These activities will benefit you too as no one is ever too old to learn a second language with your kids, take up a new sport or improve your health. 

Did you know that your child’s brain forms 700 to 1000 new neural connections every second? Processing speed stemming from brain cells connections is one of the most basic measures of cognitive functions your child has and it is what determines how fast your child can take in and use information. Science today has discovered that more than DHA alone is required to enable more brain cells connections. For parents who are looking to improve their kid’s learning, a good tip would be to source a growing up milk that contains key nutrients that support learning like Similac Gain Plus. 

Here are 10 things that science says can help make your child smarter:

1. Music Lessons

Studies have shown that musical training gives students learning advantages in the classroom and exhibit greater increases in full-scale IQ, simply making them smarter and improving kids learning.

2. There Is No Such Thing As A Dumb Jock

By making sure your child devotes time to both the field and the library, you are increasing their ability to learn. Being in good shape is good for your child. After exercise, people tend to absorb new vocabulary 20% faster. German researchers put a small group of volunteers on a three-month exercise regimen and then took pictures of their brains. They found that the capillary volume in the memory area of the hippocampus increased by a remarkable 30% and the rate of learning correlated directly with levels of BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor).

3. Don’t Read To Them, Read With Them

Don’t just let your child stare at the pictures in a book while you do all the reading. Be sure to call attention to the words and read along with them. Research shows that it helps with building their reading skills as shared book reading is an effective vehicle for promoting early literacy ability. 

4. The Importance of Sleep

Did you know that missing an hour of sleep turns a sixth grader’s brain into that of a fourth grader? Studies show that there is a correlation between lack of sleep and loss of cognitive maturation and development, in other words between the average amount of sleep and grades. Teens who received A’s averaged about fifteen more minutes of sleep than the B students, who in turn averaged fifteen more minutes than the C’s, and so on. Two studies based on this theory stood out as they had almost perfect replication of results. So, even mere 15 minutes makes a big difference. 

Start early with your children and read a review on the 4 in 1 Baby Nest here: http://www.mommyfiqa.com/2016/10/tidur-anak-lebih-lena-dengan-4-in-1.html 

5. Self-Discipline

Charles Duhigg, in his book The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business states that self-discipline beats IQ when it comes to predicting who will be successful in life. Many studies show that willpower is the single most important keystone habit for success. “Highly self-disciplined adolescents outperformed their more impulsive peers on every academic-performance variable,” the researchers wrote. “Self-discipline predicted academic performance more robustly than did IQ. Self-discipline also predicted which students would improve their grades over the course of the school year, whereas IQ did not. Self-discipline has a bigger effect on academic performance than does intellectual talent.”

6. Learning Is An Active Process

Real learning is not passive, it’s active because our brains evolved to learn by doing and not by hearing about them. It’s much better to spend at least two thirds of the time testing your child on what they have learnt, rather than spending time re-reading until they have absorbed it. For instance, say you want to memorize a paragraph, it’s better to spend 30% of your time reading it, and the other 70% of your time testing yourself on that knowledge. 

7. Treats Can Be A Good Thing

Undoubtedly, children should eat healthy all the time as eating right makes a big difference in their grades. Eating a healthy breakfast that is high-carb, high-fiber, and slow digesting like oatmeal on the day of the big test is recommended. What children eat a week in advance matters too. But, there are always exceptions. No child eats healthy all the time. Scientific research shows that caffeine and sugar can be brain boosters and have beneficial effects on cognitive performance. So, if your children are going to occasionally eat some candy and drink a glass of soda, maybe give it to them while they study instead of when they are relaxing.

Expecting mothers, you need nutritious food too. Read more here: http://www.mommyfiqa.com/2016/10/makanan-untuk-ibu-mengandung.html 


8. Happy Kids Are Successful Kids

The first step in creating a happier child is being a happier parent. Happier children are more likely to turn into successful, accomplished adults because happiness is a tremendous advantage in a world that emphasizes performance. 


9. Peers Matter

Living in a nice neighborhood, going to good schools and ensuring your children hang out with great kids can make a huge difference. Peer pressure is always talked about in a negative sense but more often than not, it’s a positive thing. What is the simplest way for a college student to improve their scores? Choose a smart roommate. A study involving Dartmouth College students by economist Bruce Sacerdote illustrates how powerful this influence is. He found that when students with low grade-point averages simply began rooming with higher-scoring students and their grade-point averages increased. These students, according to the researchers, “appeared to infect each other with good and bad study habits, such that a roommate with a high grade-point average would push up the G.P.A. of his lower-scoring roommate.”


10. Believe In Them

Simply believing that your child is smarter than average can make a difference. In a study by Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson, teachers were told certain kids were “academic spurters”. Those kids did better even though researchers did nothing else to single out them out and they were selected at random. Yet by the end of the school year, 30% of the children haphazardly named as spurters had gained an average of 22 IQ points, and almost all had gained at least 10 IQ points.

July 17, 2017

Akhirnya terjebak dengan CHILINDO.COM

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Mula-mula boleh ignore je iklan dari chilindo nie,tapi setiap kali kau scoll timeline fb dan nampak ads post dari chilindo nie dah tak boleh tahan makanya gatal tangan nak mencuba main bid-bid gitu..akhinya terjebak juga mak!!Hahaha adoii...

Apa itu Chilindo.com? Ia adalah website shopping dari Thailand yang telah  masuk ke pasaran Malaysia.Website ini berkonsepkan Bidding.Kau bid paling tinggi kau menang gitu...

Apa yang ada  dalam website Chilindo.com?Semua ada dari barang wanita,lelaki,rumah,gadget sehinggalah ke untuk kanak-kanak.

Bila usha-usha takde pun barang yang menarik pehatian..tapi kebetulan ternampak potty trainning..comel lak tu..katak hijau gitu..haha..apalagi bid lah..bid punya bid kita dapat bid tertinggi iaitu RM13.34..

Untuk bayaran guna bank pula hanya OCBC Bank sahaja yang ada buat masa ini.Jadi saya terpaksa pilih bayar masa terima maksudnya kos penghantaran RM8 tambah charge bayar masa terima barang iaitu RM4 total RM12.00

So inilah invois yang diterima.jumlah yang perlu dibayar masa teima ialah RM26.67 tapi masa penghantaran dorang genapkan jadi RM27.00.Penghantaran menggunakan Ninja Van dan akan dihantar dalam masa 1 hingga ke 3 hari.
Kotak Chilindo.com.Kotak je besar isi dalam kecik je..haha

Inilah dia barang yang di bid di Chilindo.com tu..

Sebenarnya benda ni ada je jual dekat lazada tapi nak merasa main bid-bid kengkononya kan..hehe..Apa yang boleh disimpulkan kalau korang nak beli barang dari sini beli banyak-banyak baru berbaloi dengan kos penghantarannya tu..hehe..

July 16, 2017

Althea's 2nd Birthday - Happy Birthday Althea !!

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Happy Birthday Althea yang ke 2 tahun.Tahniah Althea kerana walaupun baru berusia 2 tahun tetapi telah mendapat tempat dihati pengguna.Shopping kosmetik menjadi begitu mudah dengan adanya Laman web Althea.kr ini.Duduk depan laptop pilih barang bayar dan tinggal tunggu sampai depan rumah je.Heavennya rasa,๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

Happy birthday to Malaysia's best beauty online place to go shopping .Semoga semakin bertambah maju kehadapan, sentiasa efisien dan teruskan dengan service yang bagus, cepat dan terbaik serta menjadi online Website No.1 beauty online shopping  di Malaysia.

Jangan risau barang rosak kerana walaupun barang ini didatangkan khas dari korea  semuanya dibalut kemas, cermat dan teliti.

Antara aktiviti yang menarik yang di anjurkan oleh Althea.kr sempena ulang tahunnya yang kedua sepanjang bula julai ini (3-31 Julai) adalah seperti berikut.
  • Limited Edition Althea Birthday Box design that looks like a cake!
  • Birthday Kits for lucky early bird shoppers
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  • Birthday Sales & Promotions for customers
  • Althea Birthday Giveaway Festival for customers (free products every other day in July to add into cart)
  • Althea Beauty Box July - Birthday Makeup Box (theme) 3/7 released
  • Weekly Lucky Shopper Contest to win Althea credits   
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  • 20days of Beauty Giveaway on @Altheakorea (Instagram)

  • 1.Beli dan dapatkan Limited Birthday Box.Dalam kotak ini juga didatangkan dengan  limited edition 2017 Birthday Kit termasuk birthday card and sample pack.Tetapi siapa cepat dia dapatlah yer sebab ianya terhad.

    2.Fly me to Korea Contest.
    Bukan setakat beli dan dapatkan box limited edition jer tau.Korang boleh join fly me to korea birthday contest juga.

    Hanya show off  "Althea Birthday Cake" creation di  Instagram dai 3rd July sehingga 15th August, 2017, 11.59pm  untuk menyertai  #AltheaTurns2 Instagram Contest.Korang perlu diy korang punya  "Althea Birthday Cake" sertakan birthday caption and hashtag #AltheaTurns2 .Yang paling kreatif dan cantik akan berpeluang untuk memenangi hadiah seperti berikut:

    Grand Prize: Round Trip Flight to Korea for two (2) Pax*
    First Prize: One (1) Year Free Shopping On Althea*
    Second Prize: Three (3) Months Free Shopping On Althea*
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    Fiqa tak kreatif,jadi ni lah hasil nya....

    3.20 Days of Beauty - AltheaKorea Instagram Giveaway
    Selain itu,sedang berlangsung juga Giveaway di Instagram Althea iaitu 20 Days of Beauty! Ia berlansung selama 20 hari sehingga 24/7/2017 ini sahaja.Jangan lupa untuk join sekali.

    Korang semua apa tunggu lagi!! Jom lah membeli belah di www.althea.kr sambil menang hadiah!! Korang nak tengok apa yang fiqa beli? Sini fiqa kongsikan...

    1.Wrinkle And Whitening Eye Cream RM19.00
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    7.New Delight Tony Tint color Cherry Pink
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    8.Free gift 

    Lepas dah guna nanti fiqa review satu-satu..hehehe...
    Happy Birthday sekali lagi buat Althea.Semoga Althea terus sukses selalu..

    Semua maklumat boleh dirujuk di website | facebook | instagram | blog  Althea.

    July 07, 2017

    Althea's Raya Giveaway Festival | Unboxing My Makeup Haul !

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    Hari tu ada buat entry Althea's Raya Giveaway Festival  lepas tu apalagi shopping lah kan..barang dah dapat sebelum raya  tapi memandangkan mood cuti raya dah mai maka mood menulis dah kelaut..lagipun bila dah balik kampung memang tidak bawa laptop balik..

    Kebanyakan barang yang fiqa beli dari Althea kali ini adalah barang mekap.Jom lihat apa yang fiqa beli..hehe..

    1.Pore Master Sebum Control Pact RM34.00

    Fiqa dah try guna,memang best sangat.Tahan lama lagi-lagi kulit muka fiqa jenis berminyak.Memang sesuai sangat.Lepas tu lepas apply pore master Sebum Control Pact ni apa yang best teksturnya tersangatlah ringan sampai macam tak apply benda ini pun tau.

    Link Produk:http://my.althea.kr/pore-master-sebum-control-pact

    2.Full Cover Liquid Concealer (Natural Beige) RM31.00

    Concealer ada 2 jenis iaitu Natural Beige dan Light Beige.Fiqa try Natural Beige.Dah try guna memang prefect coverage tapi tekstur dia macam melekit sedikit..Tapi lepas nie nak try yang Light Beige pula.hahaha

    Link Produk:http://my.althea.kr/full-cover-liquid-concealer

    3.The White Platimum Edition 30ml RM31.00

    Yang nie belum try lagi..

    4.Aura B.B Foundation RM22.00

    Dah try guna..so far ok..sesuai kalau nak mekap simple-simple je.

    Link Produk:http://my.althea.kr/aura-b-b-foundation

    5.Shadow for Eyes Color SD-3 RM10.00

    Terdapat 5 pilihan

    Credit Pic:Althea
    Link Produk:http://my.althea.kr/shadow-for-eyes

    6.Love me Blusher (11g) Color Berry Pink RM11.00

    Blusher nie ada 7 color..oleh kerana fiqa minat pink2 gitu fiqa ambil color Berry pink..tapi rasa macam nak kumpul 7 koleksi blusher nie..hari ini pakai lain esok lain..tiap hari ganti-ganti warna blusher..barulah tak bosan kan..๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„
    Warna yang lain adalah seperti,Indy Violet,Rose Blossom,Sexy Swan,Shading Bronzer,Sunday Peach dan Sweet Coral.

    Link Produk:http://my.althea.kr/love-me-blusher

    7.Backgel Eye Liner Color Black RM17.00

    Ingat nak try Eyeliner jenis nie pula..tapi fail rasa comot lak..haha..maklumlah tak reti sangat nak mekap2 ni..nak kena practice lebih nihh!!

     Link Produk:http://my.althea.kr/backgel-eye-liner

    Banyak lagi produk yang best-best dekat Althea..sampai naik juling mata nak pilih..dari skincare,makeup sampailah ke hair and body semua jenama ada.Pilih,bayar dan tinggal tunggu sampai depan rumah je..

    For more info on Althea, please visit :
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    Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/altheakorea/

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